In the Media

Boston Globe<BR> November 2004
Boston Globe
November 2004<BR> (page 5)<BR> December 2004
(page 5)
December 2004
San Jose Mercury News<BR> Business Section<BR> January 18, 2005
San Jose Mercury News
Business Section
January 18, 2005
KPIX News at 5pm<BR> (SF Bay Area CBS affiliate)<BR> January 21, 2005
KPIX News at 5pm
(SF Bay Area CBS affiliate)
January 21, 2005
Extreme PC Mods<BR> Winter 2005
Extreme PC Mods
Winter 2005
ExtremeTech Magazine<BR> Winter 2005
ExtremeTech Magazine
Winter 2005
PC Player Magazine<BR> March 2005<BR> interview
PC Player Magazine
March 2005
PC Extreme<BR> March 2005
PC Extreme
March 2005
ComputerWorld Canada<BR> WinHEC 2005 Report
ComputerWorld Canada
WinHEC 2005 Report
Corsair Memory<BR> September 2005<BR> Case mod of the month
Corsair Memory
September 2005
Case mod of the month
Creative Mods<BR> September 2005<BR> Mod of the month
Creative Mods
September 2005
Mod of the month
BAWLS HotMod<BR> September 2005<BR> Out Of The Box mod
September 2005
Out Of The Box mod
Unpublished Interview
Unpublished Interview
PC Answers<BR> November 2005
PC Answers
November 2005
American Iron<BR> February 2006
American Iron
February 2006<BR> Computers Get Better Looking<BR> January 13, 2006<BR>
Computers Get Better Looking
January 13, 2006