Hi, my name is Russ Caslis and I'm a modder.

What is a modder? Well, it's someone who enjoys modding. To be a modder, you have to posses many different skills. You must be a technically oriented, artistic, don't believe in warranties, and a little crazy.

But what is modding? The answer to that is different to every single person who's involved with the hobby. In short, modding is modifying something, in this case computers and computer cases, to go beyond what they were originally. Modding can take the form of a functional mod, such as adding additional fans to cool your case better. Modding can also take an artistic form such as painting your case or some other aesthetic mod. A great mod incorporates both types.

Myself, my specialty is putting a computer inside toys or models. I never really grew up and still like toys - and I'd like to stay that way. I live in the heart of Silicon Valley with my wife, Yulia, and two cats.

To find out much, much more about me visit my personal web site.

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