The Carbonite Shuttle mod

the completed mod
the completed mod
the completed mod, other side
Shuttle (front view)
front top view
right side view
right top view
left side view
left top view
right front top view
left front top view
Han Solo detail
Behind the scenes

  • STAR WARS Han Solo Carbonite computer mod
    • Based on Han Solo from 'Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back'
    • Red and orange flashing lights on left-hand side
    • Multicolor sequencing light and multiple red/orange lights on right-hand side
    • Front mounted red power light and orange activity light
    • Red lighted exhaust fan
    • Combo 7-in-1 card reader and floppy drive
    • 10GB hard drive
    • 256MB memory
    • 24x CDROM
  • Custom mouse
    • Two button Optical mouse with red lighting
    • Based on Boba Fett's ship, the "Slave 1"
    • Small and compact, yet features great detail
  • Custom keyboard
    • Features metal STAR WARS logo
  • Custom USB memory card
    • 256MB drive space
    • R2D2 form factor and coloring
    All images Copyright © Russ Caslis
    Do not use or reproduce without permission

    Special thanks to Kevin Tu of Shuttle Computer, Inc.
    for supplying parts for this mod

    Last updated: 11-28-2007 at 11:16

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