The Great Pumpkin mod

the finished mod
left side view
front view
right side view
top with power plug
rear with power/reset switches and VGA connector
computer visable through cutouts
motherboard in your eye?
inside view
keyboard/mouse reciever
speaker and flicker light
pumpkin hat
Behind the scenes

  • The Great Pumpkin computer mod
    • Custom case based on October's favorite vegetable
    • Integrated Speakers, integrated 802.11b
    • Amber flickering lights
    • Slot-load DVD-ROM with evil red glow to "feed"
    • Power switch, reset switch, and VGA connector in the back
    • Power cord "vine" from the top
    • Custom aluminum frame
      • Dozens of hand-cut and drilled pieces
      • Painted black with strong high-durability paint
      • Held together with red annodized rivets
      • Components attached with red annodized screws
      • Support for two 3.5 inch drives, one 5 inch drive, and mATX motherboard
  • Custom Keyboard
    • Tombstone themed keyboard
    • Specially painted with textured stone finish
    • 27 MHz radio frequency wireless keyboard
  • Custom Mouse
    • Skeleton spider themed mouse
    • Custom paintjob and bodywork
    • 27 MHz radio frequency wireless optical mouse
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