TRON 2600

the finished case
another view
front view
rear view
bottom view
inside case, top removed
custom joysticks
custom TRON game cartridges
case and joysticks
case, joysticks, and custom cartidge
case, joysticks, and custom cartidge
case, joysticks, and standard cartidge
Behind the scenes

  • TRON 2600 - classic video game system mod
    • Atari 2600 in ENCOM "corporate" case
    • Custom paint inside and out
    • UltraViolet reactive detail painting and minature lightcycles
    • Sound reactive LED lighting
    • 40 built-in games plus cartridge port
    • Easy access front and rear mounted controls
  • Custom light-up joysticks
    • Red, Blue, and White colored joysticks
    • Red and Blue joysticks glow white from the inside
    • White joysticks cycles through red, green, blue and other colors
    • Original black joystick also available
  • Special light-up TRON 2600 game cartridges
  • Joystick and cartridge storage box glows in the dark (blue)

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