custom TRON Identity Discs

Behind the scenes

  • TRON Identity Discs
    • TRON:Legacy discs
      • Additional "always on" light mode controlled via magnetic nub on back
      • Orignal sounds and impact functions unaffected
      • Enhanced lighting with vivid colors
      • Improved "C" ring lighting effects
      • Enhanced light blocking through plastic (white disc only)
      • Integrated USB memory stick (white & blue discs only)
        • "C" ring light flash during access
        • 2GB capacity
      • Sam Flynn, Kevin Flynn, CLU, Rinzler (2 discs), and generic green program discs
      • Special Edition 'ultimate' disc
        • White disc, grey accents, blue rings
        • "Always-on" light mode controlled via either magnetic nub on back or via hidden switch
        • Contains 8 rare-earth magnets for mounting disc on disc holder
          • When mounting on disc holder, "always-on" light mode automatically activated
        • Integrated USB memory stick
          • 4GB capacity - contains full Tron:Legacy movie
          • Projector nubs (4) flash white during activity
    • Classic TRON discs
      • TRON & SARK program discs
      • Enhanced LED lighting effects
      • Original functionality (flying ability) unaffected

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