Modding Ideas / Concepts

Basically, think of this as my scratch-pad of ideas that I don't have time to work on at the moment, but wanted to capture so either I or someone else could create a great mod based on these ideas.

Feel free to use these in your mods, but give me a shout and let me know you've taken an idea and used it for your next masterpiece!

High-Roller case mod
  • Use a perfectly square cube and make it like a 6 sided dice
  • The dots on the cube could become blowholes for good cooling

  • Smashing Pumpkins
  • I'm seeing a number of small fake pumpkins for sale around Halloween time
  • Use one as a mouse - either for a haloween mod or a tribute to the band
  • Put one of those mini-bots inside a small plastic pumpkin for a self powered moving jack-o-lantern

  • Classis Mac ideas
  • Cut out the top of a Mac classis and use it as a trashcan
  • Paint a mac orange and design a face for the screen - Mac-o-lantern

  • Castle Case
  • Case made to look like stone
  • Flags on top
  • Drawbrige air-intake
  • Harry Potter themed?

  • PEZ candy case
  • normal case, brightly colored
  • mask on a hinge on top
  • inside the mask, have a spot for a plug-able hard drive (like candy)

  • Ghostbusters case mod
  • proton pack case?
  • ghostbusters sign case?