Red & Black - standard case mod

even the muted LEDS are very bright
even the muted LEDS are very bright
lots of cables hidden
lots of cables hidden

new componentscost (with tax & shipping)
ATI HD5850 video card$341
Core I7 920 (D0) CPU$219
Crucial Ballistix Red Tracer 6GB memory$216
Asus P6T motherboard$235
Lian Li PC-P50R case$241
Matrix Orbital MX233 LCD display$109
combo floppy / memory card reader$25
CoolerMaster Silent 850w power supply$121
ViewSonic VX2433 LCD monitor$257
LiteOn IHAS424-08 DVD-RW$35
LiteOn IHOS104-08 BLU-ROM$55
Intel 80GB SSD$255
Windows 7 x64 OS$110
cables & sleeving$118
side panels (including failed attempts)$212
iPhone & USB parts$43
front panel & switches$137

existing pieces
TV / FM PCI card
modem PCI card
2x 250GB hard drives (mirror)
1x 200GB hard drives

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