TRON 2600: classic game system mod

September, 2005 - Silicon Valley, CA

In a surprise move today, ENCOM corporation (best known for the 80's hit videogames "Space Paranoids" and "Light Cycles") announced they would team up with ATARI Inc. to produce a new version of the 2600 home game system. The new system, the ENCOM 2600, will play the majority of the old 2600 game cartridges but will be based on modern hardware and production techniques.

ENCOM CEO John Dillenger proclaimed that the new game system would provide "simply the best retro gaming experience available today thanks to our custom resource manager, known as the master control program." He went on the explain that this program would keep illegal cartridges from running amok in the system and provide a better experience for programers and users alike.

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A new Atari? Cool!
Contents of the box
How it's meant to be played
OK, where's the rest of the electronics?
That's it, 2600 on a chip
Joystick parts
The joystick board
The handle screws in here
Preping for mold making
The mold is poured
Old & new joystick handles
Test of lighted joystick

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