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TRON Sark Command Bridge playset
I'd like to show off a first... the first playset for the original TRON action figures!

This playset features a light-up map display, space for multiple figures, and a removable MCP communication chamber with a digitized MCP voice saying the iconic phrase 'END OF LINE'. This was created using a multitude of techniques including FDM 3D printing, resing 3D printing, and laser cutting/etching. I think it's a worthy addition to my expanded line of original TRON toys.

Questions or comments? Let me know!
Posted on Mar 1 at 22:11

TRON tank V1.1
I've 'upgraded' an old 'TRON' project - TRON tank V1.1 for the original figures.

This upgraded tank adds lights & sounds to the turrent/cannon.

In addition, this version upgrades interior detailing to stickers (no more visible glue through the interior details), upgrades the wheels (much smoother rolling movement), and upgrades the interior to remove the seam lines. All the other features people love from the original are still present and the tank retains the incredible look and size!
Posted on May 2 at 2021

TwoUp plus 3D printer project posted
Finally posted some pictures of an old 3D printer I made (and then sold). I'm unimaginatively calling it the "TwoUp plus" because it's just a repackaged and rebuilt QU-BD TwoUp. This solves many (but not all) the problems with the TwoUp, including the sagging gantry. Honestly, the TwoUp was a poor printer all around but it was cheap and it was my first.

In essence, this was my 3rd printer. I started with the QU-BD TwoUp, moved on to the Robo R1, then the TwoUp plus (produced with the R1), then the Original Prusa MK2, then the Orignal Prusa MK3. I'm waiting for my first resin printer anyday now.

I sold this printer over a year ago, but I'm finally getting around to post the pictures.
Posted on May 2 at 2021

TRON Recognizer for original figures
I'm back with another 'TRON' project - a TRON Recognizer for the original figures.

The original TRON toys featured 4 figures (TRON, Flynn, Sark, and a Warrior) and also a light-cycle (in a couple different colors). A while back, I made a TRON tank to augument the line... but a tank needs an antagonist as well, right? Here it is... the largest TRON toy ever... the TRON Recognizer for 3.75 inch figures!

Check it out and let me know what you think!
Posted on Oct 25 at 2020

White & Black case mod pictures
I finally built another PC! Eight years was an excellent run for my old system, but I needed something that could play modern games (including VR). Here it is... White & Black! This system is designed as a general purpose system to last me years.

It's just a nicely thought out desktop with decent room to grow. It features all the expected modern trappings of a gaming system like an easily over-clocked CPU, RGB lighting, and silent cooling but also has a few hold-overs from the past like stealthed optical drives.
Posted on Jul 4 at 2018

BB-8 Halloween Basket
Finally posting a small project from 2016... a BB-8 Halloween candy basket for all the little Reys out there.

This is based on the BB-8 wall light with a simple half-basket added, along with some minor electronic light reconfiguration and counter-weights to the basket doesn't fall face-forward.

May the force be with you!
Posted on Jan 14 at 2018

TRON tank for original figures
I'm back with another 'TRON' project - a TRON tank for the original figures.

The original TRON toys featured 4 figures (TRON, Flynn, Sark, and a Warrior) and also a light-cycle (in a couple different colors). There have been rumors of a prototype Tank toy with no solid evidence that I've ever seen. But I wanted one.

After months of designing and building, here it is. It has space for multiple figures, rotating turret, rubberized wheels, and a 'special' little bit (litterally!) for one version of the tank.

Check it out and let me know what you think!
Posted on Jul 16 at 2017

TRON themed iCade - the game has changed
My last project for a while, but it's a good one.

You might remember the iCade from It started out as an April Fool's gag then turned into a real product. Now, I've taken it the next step... into the Grid!

Yes, we're talking about a fully functional iCade with serious improvements. A new control panel with a new layout and lighted buttons & joystick. A built-in charger. New side art. And the button colors are customizable as well.

I believe this is the most advanced iCade yet. Care to prove me wrong?
Posted on Jul 16 at 2017

A busy couple of weeks
Whew! I'm tired with everything going on!

Over the last couple of weeks, both my book Going Mod: 9 Cool Case Mod Projects became officially available (my local Barnes and Nobel has it in stock) and the first of the case modding articles went up.

Add this to several more references in other media, and my day job, and having a cold for the better part of this week. I need a rest - but more modding awaits me...
Posted on Mar 23 at 2014

Audrey internet appliance rebuilt
Someone at work found an old Audrey internet appliance and gave it to me. It was missing the stylus & keyboard, and was somewhat dirty. I combined that with a tar & nicotine soaked stylus & keyboard I bought on ebay, and after taking every component apart and cleaning it she came alive. I even wetn so far as to add an ethernet adapter with wireless bridge, all powered internally.

Of course, I loaded her up with the best OS image I could find and customized it quite a bit (including re-adding her signature "giggle" back to the startup sequence).

She isn't really much of a "mod", but with such a unique shape I just couldn't cut into her.
Posted on Mar 23 at 2014

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