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BB-8 Halloween Basket
Finally posting a small project from 2016... a BB-8 Halloween candy basket for all the little Reys out there.

This is based on the BB-8 wall light with a simple half-basket added, along with some minor electronic light reconfiguration and counter-weights to the basket doesn't fall face-forward.

May the force be with you!
Posted on Jan 14 at 01:51

TRON tank for original figures
I'm back with another 'TRON' project - a TRON tank for the original figures.

The original TRON toys featured 4 figures (TRON, Flynn, Sark, and a Warrior) and also a light-cycle (in a couple different colors). There have been rumors of a prototype Tank toy with no solid evidence that I've ever seen. But I wanted one.

After months of designing and building, here it is. It has space for multiple figures, rotating turret, rubberized wheels, and a 'special' little bit (litterally!) for one version of the tank.

Check it out and let me know what you think!
Posted on Jul 16 at 16:13

TRON themed iCade - the game has changed
My last project for a while, but it's a good one.

You might remember the iCade from It started out as an April Fool's gag then turned into a real product. Now, I've taken it the next step... into the Grid!

Yes, we're talking about a fully functional iCade with serious improvements. A new control panel with a new layout and lighted buttons & joystick. A built-in charger. New side art. And the button colors are customizable as well.

I believe this is the most advanced iCade yet. Care to prove me wrong?
Posted on Jul 16 at 16:12

TRON Bit is positvely neutral
Another (small) project done.

About a year back I came across something in a department store that closely resembled a 'neutral' Bit in classic TRON. Add some paint and some electronics that cause an audible 'Yes' when a button is pressed and you have a Neutral Bit with a positive attitude.
Posted on Mar 23 at 2014

custom TRON grid backup device
My latest (small) project is complete.

It's a USB memory stick in the shape of the device Sam Flynn used to backup the grid at the end of TRON: Legacy. 8GB should be enough for the whole grid, right?
Posted on Mar 23 at 2014

custom TRON Legacy necklaces
I've posted pictures of my custom TRON:Legacy necklaces.

Being a normal (well, somewhat) guy I don't have much need for necklaces but I tend to be a bit of a DIY person and saw someone online complaining about the lack of TRON jewelry a year or so ago. I saw some fairly poor attempts on and knew I could do better.

Posted on Mar 23 at 2014

Lightning connector for Red & Black
I finally brought Red & Black into 2012...

I added a lightning connector to the built-in iPhone dock. Yes, it's finally iPhone 5 ready.
Posted on Mar 23 at 2014

TRON Candy Jar
I finished another much needed project - a TRON themed candy jar for my desk at work. After all, even programs need some candy!

The project started out as a simple candy jar but I added a TRON Legacy disc (with blue C ring and variable speed outer ring lights), some laser etched TRON patterns on the side, internal lights, and a weighted bottom to support the extra weight up front. Let me know what you think.
Posted on Mar 23 at 2014

TRON Wii custom game system mod
Finally, another full case mod is ready for display. For this one I went back to one of my true loves.... TRON!

On the surface, it's a very simple mod... just a pattern and some lights, right? The devil is in the details. The disc on the game system has all the details a 'real' disc has including the button, the four projector lights, etc. The game controllers have Nintendo motion-plus accessories with a perfect recreation of the chip Sam used to backup the server at the end of Legacy. The cables and wrist straps on the controllers match the colors of the lights inside the controllers. And so on...

Get on the grid and check it out today!
Posted on Mar 23 at 2014

custom TRON Identity Discs
This isn't exactly case mod related, but I had to post some pictures of my recent TRON mods. Basically I've created a set of TRON Identity Discs (both from the original movie TRON & TRON:Legacy). They are not screen accurate but instead are my interpretation of the discs.

All discs light up the appriopriate colors and some even include USB memory sticks internally to store data.
Posted on Mar 23 at 2014

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